About Us

Sunny Side Up Threads

Who We Are

SSUthreads is an online e-commerce that creates original, hand drawn designs for apparel and merchandise. One of our characteristics is the uniqueness of our brand. An identity trait that sets us apart from our competitors is that we are an oviparous (o·vip·a·rous) company, if it hatches from an egg, it goes on a t-shirt. Through parody and the idea that art imitates life, we create designs that deliberately exaggerate an idea or theme to produce a lasting reaction.

Above all, quality and delivery is essential, our product is an extension of ourselves, and what we want others to see. We love making art, but we also want to bring education, and awareness to the animals we represent on our t-shirts.

Why Pick Our Eggs?

When you purchase an item, a portion of the sales will go to help a young artist with art supplies. Flying Coop Art Fund™