About Us



“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”
– Pablo Picasso

I am crazy about art and like Picasso’s quote, I still feel like a child when it comes to art. There is always a discovery to be made–ah moment–that leads to exploring possibilities.

– Odalis Soto, founder of SSUthreads, Sunny Side Up Threads

At SUNNY SIDE UP Threads for every purchase you make, you are supporting our mission by contributing to the Flying Coop Art Fund. By doing this you are partaking in their creative expression and engaging as a participant in our local art community.

The Flying Coop Art Fund

Our Mission

Flying Coop Art Fund gives art supplies to art students within our community, allowing them to fly and soar to reach their full artistic potential and creative endeavors.  With every purchase from the Flying Coop Art Fund, you will be helping a young artist.

Why Pick our Eggs?

When you purchase an item, a portion of the sales will go to help a young artist.

Sunny Side Up Threads Founder?

With twenty years of graphic design experience and fourteen years as a digital arts high school teacher, in 2014, Odalis Soto decided to take a leap of faith and start an online t-shirt company. As SUNNY SIDE UP Threads started to become a reality, she could not stop thinking about the classroom and her students. Odalis understood the need for art supplies and how often many of them go without ever having art supplies, relying only on what the teacher and the classroom can provide. She realized she was starting a new business but she had not left the classroom nor did she want to. As a result, the Flying Coop Art fund was established.